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6 Easy Stretches To Aid A Restful Night’s Sleep

Falling asleep these days is quite a challenge that most of us put up with. Many problems in daily life haunt people which take a toll on sleep and lead to more troubles, including health disorders. It is easy to stay awake rather than going to bed at night. The major sleep spoilers could be stress, work, parties, late-night movies, social media, and other such stuff. All of this leads to a dull and sleepy you.

6 Easy Stretches To Aid A Restful Night’s Sleep

Lack of sleep does not end with making you a little lazy, but takes a toll on your productivity at work, relationships, and even on your health. Many have been accustomed to taking medical pills and other tablets to have a good sleep. Doubtlessly it is an option, but as per experts, it must be the last option to go for. Natural sound sleep has more benefits, and that is why one needs to focus on sufficient natural sleep only.

6 easy stretches to aid a restful night's sleep

Do the sleepless nights affect health?

Many factors that lead to sleepless nights affect the health and take a toll on it. Nature has the best therapy, and we have our ancestors who have deeply studied it and have found a cure in the best ways possible. Some of the cures emerge out of exercises and yoga. Did you know that stretching in a particular way induces good relaxation to your body and good sleep? Read about the six easy to do stretches that do not cramp your muscles but help you sleep quickly and peacefully. These stretches can help one get easy body movement and also sound natural sleep to relax the body.

  • Stretch One – Run to a wall and lie down on the floor. Keep your back firm to the ground and lift your legs and keep them at a 90-degree angle to your body. The wall will make it easy for you to balance your legs well. Make sure you stretch your legs straight and do not bend your knees. In this way, your entire body gets relaxed by the pressure of the floor and wall. You could definitely make way for better sleep. Around 10 sets of this stretch can help you get the desired sleep.
  • Stretch Two – Take six pillows. Stack three pillows, one over the other, and place them next to another stack of three pillows on the floor. Comfortably lay your back on these pillows with your head and shoulders on the floor. Your legs will naturally be on the floor too, and only your lower back region will be elevated. Keep your legs straight and your shoulders to the ground for over 5 minutes. This relaxes the neck and shoulder region and grants good sleep. You can go for ten such stretches to have a natural sleep.
  • Stretch Three – Sit with your back straight on the floor and criss-cross your legs. Very slowly, go back and rest your back and head on the ground. If you are new to this stretch, you can first lie down on the ground and then criss-cross your legs. Make sure that your thighs touch the ground and are not lifted. This relaxes your pelvic region and also makes way for better digestion.
  • Stretch FourSit like a Japanese on the floor first. If you do not know how people in Japan sit, watch it over youtube. They sit on their knees, and their feet are completely tucked in. The first part of the stretch over here begins in the ankles. Now, come forward with your hands stretched and place your forehead on the ground. Keep your hands stretched on the ground too. This relaxes the entire body.
  • Stretch Five – This stretch is really simple if you understand it. Lie down straight on the ground first. Bring your thighs very close towards your stomach, and make sure you touch it. Now slowly raise your feet towards the ceiling and use your fingers to hold your toes straight. This stretch is for the relaxation of the abdomen region and also for the hands and feet. When your body is relaxed, you sleep better.
  • Stretch Six – Do this stretch right before you get on your bed. You will need a basketball or any ball of that size for it. Lay flat on the floor and place your legs close to each other. Keep the ball under your knee region and again put your leg close to each other. Place your arms on the ground and let your palms touch the ground. Close your eyes now and meditate or think of something nice. This stretch is a mind and body relaxation technique that you can try out.

These are the six stretches that help you sleep better. Add them to your routine and stop your sleeping pills. Make way for a sound sleep naturally and live better.

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