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6 Reasons Why You Are Not Sleeping Well!

Insufficient sleep at night will leave you tired and drained the next morning. After a hectic day at the office and finishing chores at home, we look forward to those precious hours of sleep. Having difficulty in getting sleep leaves us frustrated and stressed.

6 Reasons You Are Not Sleeping Well

If you, too, are having sleepless nights, then there are some underlying issues that may be the reason of you not sleeping well. Here are some points which you must observe to understand if one of them is the reason you are not getting proper sleep.

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You have late dinner which is usually heavy

Office going people normally have lunch outside and when they return home, they expect to have a scrumptious dinner with their family. But you must remember that having heavy and spicy meals just before you go to bed will keep you awake. You must finish your dinner at least 3 hours before you go to bed. This gives your body time to digest food and helps in sleep. You must also avoid having spicy and acidic foods as they give you heartburn. Marinated foods, dairy products, salads with vinegar, citrus fruits, and sauces are some examples of such foods. You must also refrain yourself from having cocoa drinks or coffee or anything that comprises caffeine at it will keep you awake.

Your usage of devices is excessive

Devices suppress your melatonin and keep your brain alert! Melatonin is the hormone that is responsible for controlling your circadian rhythm or sleep/wake cycle. It is the work of this hormone to tell your brain that it is time for you to sleep or wake up. The blue light emitted by the laptops, smartphones, tablets, and TVs hamper the production of melatonin and it makes it difficult for you to fall asleep. This is why health experts suggest that you stop using all types of devices at least an hour before it is time for you to go to bed. Most doctors suggest that you keep no cell phones within your reach as the notification sounds also cause you to reach your mobile and check it.

Your bedroom environment is not perfect

If your room is too warm or there is too much light you will have a problem with getting proper sleep. An ideal bedroom to sleep at night must be dark, quiet, and cool. Health experts say that if you want to get undisturbed sleep, then don’t have any lights turned ON in your room. If your room is facing the roadside then make sure you have thick and dark curtains drawn so no street or vehicle lights can come in. The windows must be sound-proof. You must also turn off computers, TVs, and laptops to avoid light shining from their screen. An ideal temperature of a bedroom should be between 55°F and 65°F. If your room is more than 71°F then it will cause restlessness. Even if it’s winters, you must allow little ventilation, so the room doesn’t get overly warm.

You are consuming certain medication

There are certain medications that can affect your sleep. There are certain painkillers that have caffeine and when you eat them at night, it will sway you from staying asleep. Individuals that consume medications for depression, decongestants, or blood pressure also release a lot of serotonin in your body. Serotonin is a hormone that prevents REM or Rapid Eye Movement, which induces sleep. Consuming medications like these could hamper your sleep. You must get in touch with your doctor to check if the medication you are consuming is the cause for disturbed sleep and if it is then you must request for it to be changed.

You exercised too late

Exercising is great and you must workout for a healthy lifestyle. There are mixed results for this point here. For some indulging in rigorous exercises just a couple of hours before sleep does not have any negative effects. However, there are many people for whom exercising just before bedtime may lead to interrupted sleep. Exercising stimulates the nervous system and increases your heart rate, which may be the cause of sleepless nights. But since it may or may not be the cause for you getting disturbed sleep, you can always try changing the time of your exercise you see if it works for you.

You are stressed

A high percentage of people that have sleepless nights suffer from stress. Our minds tend to think when we are lying down and when things are not quite right, these thoughts wander too much in your mind. You tend to think too much about work, family, or any other problem that you are facing. You must speak to a health professional about it or practice some meditation to control your emotions.

Check if these reasons are the cause of you not getting proper sleep at night. You must check with your doctor to get a resolution if nothing seems to work for you.

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