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Ellevet Hemp CBD Reviews: Does It Help Dogs To Overcome Problems Related To Mobility?

My Ellevet Hemp CBD review covers the Ellevet Hemp CBD Mobility Oil which claims to help dogs overcome problems related to mobility, comfort, and calming. Pet parents would know the pain of having a dog who starts suffering from joint pains and old age problems, including calming issues.

Ellevet Hemp CBD Reviews: Improve The Lives Of Your Pets!

The company uses a proprietary formula to offer a solution for pets who have been suffering from various problems related to mobility and calming. If you have been looking for a solution like this to help your pets, then read this Ellevet Hemp CBD reviews to learn about the product and if it can be useful for your pet dog.

Ellevet Hemp CBD Review

Product Name Ellevet Hemp CBD Oil
Category Dog Care
Main Benefits Solution for pets from various problems related to mobility and calming
Main Ingredients Cannabinoids blend along with sesame seed oil 
Side Effects No Major Side Effects reported
Price $90 For One Bottle
Availability Only through the official website
Official Website Click Here

About Ellevet Hemp CBD Mobility Oil

CBD stands for Cannabidiol. It is a non-psychoactive compound commonly found in Cannabis and Hemp. It is used for its therapeutic benefits because dogs who take CBD oil tend to be in less pain and less anxious. Ellevet Sciences is an organization dedicated to creating products that improve the lives of our pets.

Just like the Ellevet Hemp CBD Oil, it creates a lot of other products from Hemp CBD, which can be used for dogs to reduce pain and discomfort experienced by some dogs and to also help them with calming issues.

Features of Ellevet Hemp CBD Oil For Dogs

Proprietary formula of CBD, CBDa and sesame oil

Ellevet CBD oil for dogs is a proprietary formula in which Ellevet uses 95% CBD and CBDa obtained from hemp and the rest of the oil includes sesame oil as a carrier for the compounds. This oil is formulated for dogs of all sizes. As per Ellevet Hemp CBD reviews, Pet parents just have to go through dosage instructions to identify the correct dosage for their pets according to the pet’s weight.

Supports mobility and reduces anxiety in dogs

The Ellevet Hemp CBD Oil for dogs is designed to address to main problems faced mostly by dogs that are aging or those who suffer from problems like joint pains. Older dogs often have mobility issues and this product intends to help dogs overcome these challenges by providing a solution for the pain and discomfort they feel while they try to move.

Research-based product with safety studies conducted for both dogs and cats

For my Ellevet Hemp CBD review, the first thing I wanted to check was the safety of the product and what kind of tests have been conducted to ensure safety. After going through details, I came to know that Ellevet has conducted clinical trials with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine and is also involved in three clinical trials currently taking place at the University of Florida Veterinary School. This provides assurance to pet parents with regards to the safety of the product. Additional quality testing is regularly conducted on the raw materials and ingredients too.

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How does Ellevet Hemp CBD work?

Studies show that Cannabinoids found in hemp can interact with the endocannabinoid system of animals and humans. Cannabinoid receptors exist throughout a dog’s internal system. It affects everything from your pet’s moods to its body functions and even its immune system. According to Ellevet Hemp CBD reviews, CBDs helps your pet by stimulating these cannabinoid receptors in their body and signaling the body to build more receptors.

In addition to CBDs, hemp also has a compound known as terpenes. These compounds work along with cannabinoids to reduce discomfort and anxiety in your pet. This Ellevet Hemp CBD Mobility Oil uses specific terpenes, which increase the effects of the CBDs and provide maximum relief to your pet.

Ellevet Hemp CBD oil for dogs

Pros and Cons of Ellevet Hemp CBD Oil for Dogs


  • Formulated by vets, scientists, and biochemists who are also pet owners: The biggest benefit of this product for pet parents is that it has been formulated by people who also own pets. Additionally, Ellevet team of vets, scientists, and biochemists have conducted a lot of research, clinical trials, and safety tests on the product before putting it in the market.
  • Tested for safety and quality: Ellevet Hemp CBD Oil for dogs goes through extensive testing at different stages of production ensuring that the product is safe for your pet. As mentioned earlier in Ellevet Hemp CBD reviews, all raw materials and ingredients are also tested for the highest standards of quality to ensure that your pet gets a safe and effective supplement for fighting mobility and anxiety problems.
  • Good for dogs of all sizes: An advantage of using Ellevet CBD oil for dogs is that you can use it for dogs of all sizes. If you have more than one dog in the house, then you can buy a bottle and give each pet a dosage of the oil according to the dosage instructions. You do not have to worry about finding the product according to the breed or by different products based on different dog sizes.
  • Refunds are accepted within 30 days from the day of purchase
  • Unopened products can be returned for a refund within 30 days from the day of the purchase.


  • This is not FDA approved: Since FDA does regulate animal dietary supplements, it is not required to approve any supplements for animals, but if you are looking for FDA approval, then this product does not have FDA approval. It has passed tests for safety and quality and the ingredients used in it have gone through clinical trials too. This serves as an assurance that the product is safe for your pet. Many Ellevet Hemp CBD reviews by other pet parents who have used the product also show that they have had a lot of success after using this hemp CMD oil.

Ellevet Hemp CBD Mobility Oil ingredients

Ellevet Hemp CBD Oil is completely organic. The company uses a proprietary formulation which includes a blend of the Complete-spectrum Cannabinoids blend along with sesame seed oil which acts as a carrier for the cannabinoid compounds.

Ellevet Hemp CBD reviews prove that more than 95% of the oil is CBD and CBDa to make sure that the dogs receive adequate nutrients for their body to overcome the mobility and anxiety problems they are facing.

Is Ellevet Hemp CBD right for your dogs?

This Hemp CBD Oil is designed for dogs of all sizes. So, you can use it for your dog to reduce pain, discomfort, or anxiety. The product has been formulated by experienced vets and long-term safety studies have been conducted on both cats and dogs to ensure the product is safe.

Ellevet has conducted a clinical trial for the ingredients it uses with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine and it is also conducting three other clinical trials with the University of Florida Veterinary School.

Its clear from Ellevet Hemp CBD review that the bottle includes a dosage guide to help you identify the right dosage according to your dog’s weight. For the first week, the dosage is higher and from the second week onwards, the dosage is regulated to lower amounts. You must give the full dosage twice a day – in the morning and in the evening.

Ellevet Hemp CBD Oil dosage instructions mention that the first week’s dosage can be continued in the following weeks if your pet requires extra support for mobility problems.

Ellevet Hemp CBD Price and Plans

This Hemp CBD Oil is available in a 20ml bottle, a 30ml bottle, or a 60ml bottle. It is intended for dogs of any size. The dosage will vary based on your dog’s size. The Ellevet Hemp CBD Oil price varies according to the bottle you order and the type of order you place. As per Ellevet Hemp CBD review, one time orders without subscribing to the product will cost you:

  • 20ml bottle – $90
  • 30ml bottle – $119.95
  • 60ml bottle – $229.95

Pet parents can also subscribe to the Ellevet CBD Oil. They can choose to get the bottle delivered every week, every 2 weeks, 3 weeks, and so on for up to every 20 weeks. This gives you the ease of getting the bottles without having to visit the site time and again and placing the order for the oil. The added benefit of a subscription is that you get a 10% discount on every order if you subscribe to the oil.

Ellevet Hemp CBD Reviews

Ellevet Hemp CBD Reviews Final Verdict

For this Ellevet Hemp CBD reviews, I focused on the science behind the product, because CBD has limited research and clinic trials to understand the compound and its effects. But after studying details about the product and collecting information on CBD, I conclude that this Ellevet Hemp CBD Oil for dogs is a high-quality product that provides pet parents with the right proportions of CBD and other ingredients that support your pet’s health and help them alleviate discomfort and anxiety. The key reason why this product is doing well in the market and has lots of positive Ellevet Hemp CBD reviews from pet owners is because of the correct dosage and comprehensive instructions provided with the oil.

This helps the pet owner identify the right dosage according to their pet’s weight and build. The company also uses high-quality raw materials, which improve the abilities of the oil, helping pets recover faster from the pains they experience. I conclude that this is a safe and effective product for pets to reduce pain, discomfort, and anxiety.

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