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EZ Battery Reconditioning Review: A Useful Guide To Bring Dead Batteries Back To Life?

Here is my in-depth EZ Battery Reconditioning review. The world is changing fast and we are living in the digital era. Every day various companies are launching new and latest devices. Every device needs a battery for proper functioning. The devices are just incomplete without batteries.

EZ Battery Reconditioning Review – Recondition Batteries & Save Money! 

Batteries are a collection of one or more cells whose chemical reactions create a flow of electrons in the circuit. But, after long usage, the batteries can get discharged and the devices stop working. It is very costly to purchase a new battery after the old one gets discharges. To solve this problem, the EZ Battery Reconditioning program acts as a savior. In this EZ Battery Reconditioning review, you will get to know everything about how it works, and what all they provide.

ez battery reconditioning review

Book Title EZ Battery Reconditioning
Language English
Creator Tom Ericson & Frank Thompson
Category Battery Reconditioning
Price $47
Official Website Click Here


About EZ Battery Reconditioning Guide

EZ Battery Reconditioning is a downloadable eBook that explains in detail the steps to recondition the discharged batteries. Reconditioning procedures of 10 different types of batteries are explained thoroughly in this book. It aims in helping people who have limited or no knowledge of electronics and saves a lot of money. Reconditioned batteries are in great demand as the new batteries are very expensive.

By following the steps mentioned in EZ Battery Reconditioning review, it requires only 10-20 minutes to revive the dead batteries. The simple tools such as multi-meter help in testing the batteries and reviving the underperforming batteries. It nearly doubles the life-span of a battery.

How EZ Battery Reconditioning could help you?

EZ Battery Reconditioning guide is specially designed for those people who have limited or no knowledge of batteries. Many devices run on wet-cell, lead-acid cell batteries. The lead plates are immersed in sulphuric acid which causes a reaction and creates electricity. Over some time, corrosion occurs which leads to decreased performance and voltage of the battery. People assume that the battery is dead and think of purchasing a new one. Here is where the importance of this EZ Battery Reconditioning review.

The guide contains 21 chapters. The reconditioning process of various batteries such as lead-acid batteries used in cars, Li-ion batteries used in laptops,Nickel–metal hydride battery, and Ni-cad batteries that are rechargeable are explained in a step-by-step format. To make understanding simple, there are pictures and diagrams in the book. For understanding the hard terms, there is free access to Information Vault that contains an easy definition.

Following the guide properly helps in learning:

  • The technique to use millimeter which helps in detecting which dead battery can be brought back to life by reconditioning.
  • It helps to measure the power of the battery.
  • It explains the steps to convert an electronic device into a portable device.

An individual can learn the techniques and can start a business with very minimal investment and gain good profit. As already mentioned in the EZ Battery Reconditioning review, Old dead batteries can be revived using the techniques mentioned in the book and can be sold to companies and another individual at some profit. Thus, this is a good way to make money.

Does EZ Battery Reconditioning work for everyone?

The answer to this question is yes it works for almost everyone except people with hectic schedules as the program needs time and dedication. By following simple steps, anyone can bring their dead battery to life. The steps outlined in the program are simple and easy. As per EZ Battery Reconditioning review, the following instructions should be followed for proper reconditioning of the battery:

  • The foremost step is the removal of the battery from the device.
  • All power supply to the battery should be disconnected.
  • The working environment should be secure and dry.
  • It is advisable to use gloves and eye protection as safety measures.
  • Collecting proper tools is very important. The author has listed the beneficial tools along with their rate in the book.
  • For reconditioning of the battery, contacts and the terminals of the battery should be cleaned thoroughly. A ball of steel wool or any abrasive brush can be used to clean the residue built on the terminals. This helps in building a good contact point.
  • Good contact is very important for proper voltage.

Pros and Cons of EZ Battery Reconditioning

This EZ Battery Reconditioning review has carefully listed the pros and cons of the program for the readers to weigh the program if it best suits them.


  • New batteries are very costly and hence, reconditioned batteries can save lots of money.
  • The dead batteries are thrown away which do not get decomposed and hence, are a burden to the environment. Using an old battery can help in saving the environment.
  • The detailed pictures and diagrams and easy steps mentioned in the book make it easy for a beginner to recondition the battery.
  • The guide helps in identifying whether a battery can be revived or not.
  • Any kind of battery can be revived using this book.
  • The individual can start the business of reviving old batteries and selling them to companies at a marginal profit. Thus EZ Battery Reconditioning review proves that it is a good source of money-making.
  • On purchase of EZ Battery Reconditioning eBook, lifetime update is given free of cost. Whenever a new type of battery is launched in the market, the eBook gets updated with the method of reconditioning the newly launched battery.
  • The Book can be downloadable as soon as the payment is done and can be read anywhere on a laptop or smartphone.
  • The EZ Battery Reconditioning Pdf is very cost-efficient.
  • If not satisfied with the service, the book comes with 60-days money-back guarantee.


  • It is very important to take safety measures. The sulphuric acid present in the battery can cause harm to the skin. Hence, it is advisable to wear long-sleeved clothes, hand gloves, and eye-mask for better protection.
  • The procedure should always be done in a well-ventilated area and if possible outside the house.
  • Although the steps are easy to understand, it needs time, effort, and dedication to master the skills of reconditioning.
  • For an expert, it takes 10-20 minutes to revive the battery but it takes about an hour for the beginner.
  • From a business point of view, it is a tedious job to look for old batteries at a cheap rate.
  • Some pieces of equipment have to be bought from the market.
  • It is already mentioned above in Ez Battery Reconditioning review that it requires time and dedication, it is suitable only for people who have time in hand.
  • It is available only in digital format and no hard copy is available.
  • There are no videos in the eBook and some may find it boring.

About EZ Battery Reconditioning Creators 

The book is written by Tom Ericson and Frank Thompson. The story behind their meeting is very interesting. They both met at a golf cart company where Tom was an employee. He used to see Frank who visited the company to collect dead batteries. He was very curious to know what Frank did with the old batteries.

Frank explained to him about the reconditioning of old batteries and how he makes a profit by selling them. Tom was very impressed with the idea and offered to become a partner. They together worked on writing this book and making it available to everyone. They claim to earn a six-figure income just by selling the reconditioned batteries. Thus knowing so much about the creator makes one curious about using this guide and reading more about EZ Battery Reconditioning review

EZ Battery Reconditioning Claims and Reality

The EZ Battery Reconditioning Guide is gaining immense popularity due to the positive Battery Reconditioning reviews of the customers who have already purchased the book and implemented the steps. They claim that even a person with limited or no knowledge can use this guide holds. It just needs thorough reading and understanding of the steps mentioned in the book.

There are several secrets in the book for a better understanding of the procedures. The author has also mentioned places where old batteries can be bought at an affordable price. Any type of dead battery can be revived using these techniques. People have revived their dead batteries from cars, laptops, and phones. To prove its genuineness, the author himself claims to earn a 6 digit income by selling the reconditioned batteries.

But, success always comes with some disadvantages. There are some fake alerts on the internet and one should be beware of them before purchasing the guide. An individual should be able to differentiate between fake and real. People say anything to get visitors to their website as they earn if people just click their links. But such people are just scams. Following are the fake alerts usually seen on the internet:

  • Free download alert: There is nothing as free download provided by the author. The book is available for $47 which is a one-time payment. And only after the payment procedure is completed, the book is downloaded.
  • Fake discount alert: Again, there is no discount offered on the purchase of this book.
  • Special bonus package: The Battery Reconditioning bonuses that come along with the book are free of cost. No extra amount has to be paid for them. The fake bonus packages offer books that are useless and have no connection to the reconditioning procedure.
  • Fake reviews: There are many fake Battery Reconditioning reviews about the book on the internet. But, they are easy to detect as they are hard to read and doesn’t make sense grammatically. The contents are vague and hardly make any sense.

EZ Battery Reconditioning Price

The EZ Battery Reconditioning Pdf is available for $47.00. It is a one-time payment. There is no discount available on this book.

EZ Battery Reconditioning Bonuses

Although there is no discount available on the purchase of this book, there are few bonuses that come along with the book. They are limited-time bonuses and the author has the right to discontinue them. Following are the bonuses offered:

  • Frank’s Battery Business Guide: According to EZ Battery Reconditioning review, the guide explains the steps to set up your own business and sell the reconditioned batteries to various companies or individuals. Thus, it helps in money-making.
  • Double your Battery Life: It is a mini-series that can help in doubling the life of the battery. The steps mentioned in the book, if followed correctly, can extend the life of the battery. It can save a lot of money as the same battery can go on for years.
  • Free Lifetime Updates: Free lifetime update of the eBook is offered by the creators. The invention of new batteries is a continuous process and they are launched in the market. The steps to recondition these new batteries will be updated by the author and will be made available to the customers.

ez battery reconditioning amazon


EZ Battery Reconditioning review makes it clear that when we can revive the dead battery at home, there is no need to spend extra money on buying a new one. The EZ Battery Reconditioning Guide has received tremendous response from the customers. Due to its low price, it is quite affordable and it also gives an added advantage of a money-back guarantee. This has encouraged thousands of individuals to buy the guide.

The individuals who have time in hand can benefit from this program by reconditioning old batteries and selling it to the companies. This will not make anyone very rich but will surely help in making some money. It’s a good start-up for doing business. The batteries’ requirement is increasing day-by-day as almost all gadgets work on battery. Hence, this guide can prove to be beneficial.

Once an individual gets expert with the procedure, it is just a matter of 20-30 minutes to recondition a single dead battery. But, always remember to take proper safety measures to avoid any accidents. It is also environmentally friendly and hence poses no threat to the environment. I will personally recommend this book as there is no harm in buying it and if not satisfied, the 60-days Money-Back Guarantee is what the authors have to offer.


  • Is EZ Battery Reconditioning Book a con?

Absolutely No! The reviews by many customers and the practical usage by the authors are strong proof of its authenticity.

  • Is a hard copy of the book available?

Unfortunately, no. It is available only in digital form.

  • I have no experience in dealing with electricity. Can I use it?

Yes, the author has designed it in such a way that anyone with limited or no knowledge can also use the technique and learn the procedure of reconditioning.

  • While going through the book, I found it difficult to understand a few terms. Can I get help in understanding them better?

The author has provided free access to Information Vault where there are easy definitions of the hard terms used by the author in the book.

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