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Flexitarian Blueprint Review – Is This A Proven Way To Burn Fat and Build Energy?

The Flexitarian Blueprint reviews on the internet have drawn your attention towards this eBook because you, too, like many others, are looking forward to a program that actually does what it says. We will give you a detailed and honest Flexitarian Blueprint review so you can decide whether or not to buy this product.

Flexitarian Blueprint Review – An Effective Way To Lose Weight Without Excercise!

Flexitarian Blueprint is an ideal weight loss solution for those who fight against obesity. Just kick off your starving diet and grueling workouts and follow this program for better results.

This Flexitarian Blueprint review reveals both the pros and cons of the program. That is, we are 100% genuine and honest towards our readers.

Flexitarian Blueprint Review


Product Title Flexitarian Blueprint
Language English
Author Bruce Ackerberg
Category Dietary Program
Price $37
Official Website Click Here

About Flexitarian Blueprint

Flexitarian Blueprint is an online weight loss guide written by Bruce Ackerberg, who has been trying to help people to lose weight by eating right. Users have felt a difference in their bodies after the first week, and the plan mentioned by the creator begins showing noticeable results by the third week.

The Flexitarian Blueprint program offers more than just weight loss. There several other benefits that you get if you follow this diet plan, and one of the most important is – feeling energetic.

Benefits of Flexitarian Blueprint

  • You get instant access to the Flexitarian Blueprint download on your email. The attachments can be easily downloaded and saved on your device. You can read it whenever you are free.
  • Since it is an online book, it can be accessed by anyone across the globe.
  • The content is easy to read and follow as it is written in very simple to understand language.
  • All the foods that are mentioned are easy to find products that are available commonly in any part of the world.
  • It is just a one-time payment program, and the creator would give you access to all the updates and fresh content additions in the future absolutely free.

How Does Flexitarian Blueprint Work?

Flexitarian Blueprint weight loss program is a detailed guide on how one could lose weight simply by eating right in the right quantity. Several studies and researches have revealed that a plant-based diet usually helps in quick weight loss. However, since most of us are addicted to consuming meat routinely, it usually gets difficult to give it up completely.

Therefore the creator of the program Bruce came up with a unique plan that comprises foods that mostly come from plants but has some amount of meat too. But the creator of the plan ensures that the amount of meat is restricted to a certain quantity where it doesn’t affect the person’s weight while also satisfying the food requirement of the person who longs to eat meat. According to a flexitarian blueprint review, this guide is a very effective weight loss program.

This balance of vegetables and meat helps one to not just lose weight but also provides the body with energy. Once weight loss begins to happen, you tend to feel happier and recharged.

What Is Included in Flexitarian Blueprint?

Here is what you get with the Flexitarian Blueprint program:

Flexitarian Fundamentals

  • 4 important benefits of this diet
  • The total calories that you need to consume each day whilst following this diet plan
  • The 5 food groups you need to be Flexitarian
  • The quantity of meat that you are permitted to consume when you are on the Flexitarian diet

Flexitarian And Sustainability

  • 3 more benefits that you are unaware of when you are following a Flexitarian diet plan
  • The different types of chronic diseases that one is prone to when we eat meat regularly or too much

Flexitarian Accelerator

  • You will get a complete shopping guide, so you know what you have to buy at the grocery store to begin this diet plan
  • You will be made aware about 5 spices which can be added to your foods guilt-free as they will not increase your weight, unlike the other condiments
  • You will also get a link to a calorie drink tracker that will help you keep a track of all the calories that you are consuming from any fluids or liquid that you are consuming
  • You will save time hunting for important information on protein foods as you will also get the Protein Content CheatSheet that comprises a list of 23 vegan foods from which you can derive your protein
  • 2 special foods that are not meat and yet will keep you full and offer the same amount of protein as meat does.

Curated Recipe Blueprint

  • A Meal Planning CheatSheet to plan your shopping and cooking time. You also get a reference to recipes that you need to cook on this sheet
  • 20 specially created healthy recipes that will trigger your metabolism and help you lose weight. All the recipes are easy to make and delicious too
  • A 5-Day Flexitarian BluePrint Meal Plan will guide you on what to eat through a week when you have a hectic work schedule to manage.

Flexitarian Blueprint Pros & Cons


  • You will feel more energetic to do all your daily activities such as job, workouts, etc. Despite the work you do every day, you will always feel fresh and enthusiastic when you come home to spend time with your family or play around with your children.
  • The diet suggested by the creator in the Flexitarian Blueprint program will always keep you full. You will not get the urge to snack or feel like eating any junk food in between your meals.
  • You will lose weight and have a slim belly. You will feel more confident and will never shy to go for social gatherings or parties. Confidence is an important asset, and though having a great body is not the only thing that drives this confidence, it definitely makes you feel good.


  • We would never suggest anything bad to our readers. This is why we do a lot of research and even try the products that we review. We have followed a similar process for this product too. The Flexitarian Blueprint program is a wonderful guide that provides you with the exact knowledge about the right foods that will boost weight loss in your body. Several users have posted many Flexitarian Blueprint reviews that speak wonderfully about this program. We did not find any disadvantages of this eBook.

Flexitarian Blueprint for weight loss

Why You Need This Flexitarian Blueprint Product?

You don’t want to say ‘NO’ to your kids who ask you to play with them. You don’t want to say ‘NO’ to your partner, who wants to go out with you for a date night. You don’t want to say ‘NO’ to your friends who want to hang out with you after office.

None of us like to be overweight and lethargic. Being overweight causes a lot of health and mental issues. You definitely want to have a good life where you can strike a perfect balance between work and your personal life. Creator of the Flexitarian Blueprint for weight loss is willing to reveal to you the secrets of how you could lose weight and be more energetic to indulge in other activities in your life.

Flexitarian Blueprint Bonuses

There are some exciting bonuses that the creator of Flexitarian Blueprint offers to the users and they include:

  • You get free membership of a private group on Facebook so you can be in touch with the other users and the creator and learn the progress of others.
  • You will also get an eBook of “Stress and Depression Management Blueprint”. One of the major causes of weight gain is depression and stress, which causes emotional binging etc. In this book, the creator tells you how you can manage stress and depression.
  • Another bonus comes in the form of an eBook “20 Bonus Recipes from Flexitarian Cookbook”. This eBook gives you 20 different recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts.
  • You also get a “Holistic Weight Loss” eBook, which has a detailed 8-week plan of how you could lose weight in a healthy way.

The entire set of bonuses offered is for the price value of $186, but you don’t need to pay a single penny. You get access to all these eBooks absolutely free.

Where to Buy and Download Flexitarian Blueprint?

You can buy the Flexitarian Blueprint program from the original website. Buying from their website ensures that you get the original eBooks along with the bonuses that the creator of the program is offering to its users.

The original price of the Flexitarian Blueprint for weight loss eBook is $300, but you can buy it for $37. The creator is offering it at a discount for now, which is available only on their website.

Once you make a payment for the eBook, you will get instant access to the eBook and the bonuses on email. You can click and download the attachments which can be read by you anytime.


We researched a lot about this product and even followed it to experience its results. We think that the Flexitarian Blueprint reviews of so many users available on the internet are true. It is indeed a good eBook to follow if you are looking forward to losing weight in a healthy way. Unlike several other books that ask you to give up meat and become a vegetarian, if you wish to lose weight, this book offers a perfect balanced diet that you will enjoy. Go ahead and give this book a try.

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