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Home Remedies For Gout Disease – Immediate Pain Relief Methods!

Gout or inflammatory arthritis is a type of arthritis that is very painful and caused by too much uric acid in your body. It’s a very common disease for people of age above 30. Diet-related problems are the reason for gout. Urates produced in your body which collect in joints cause pain in joints.

Home Remedies For Gout Disease

Even though it initially starts due to high uric acid content, it later leads to a condition known as hyperuricemia. If your body produces high uric acid and your kidney doesn’t filter enough out, it builds up tiny, sharp crystals around your joints.

Don’t get panic by reading all these. There are several remedies we can do from home itself. Read on this article till the end to know more about the home remedies for treating gout disease.

Home Remedies For Gout Disease

Symptoms of Gout

Let’s know about the symptoms of gout before learning the remedies

  • Pain in joints

Pain in the joints is one of the symptoms that the patient suffers the most.’ Podagra is the medical term used to refer to this by doctors. In healthy people, uric acids dissolve in the blood, travels to the kidney and expelled out through urine. But gout sufferers produce too much uric acid and don’t properly expel out. 

  • Discomfort in joints

Joint discomfort is due to the accumulation of urate crystals beneath the skin. Usually, they aren’t painful. But it causes some discomfort for normal activities. Later it may lead to cartilage or bone damage.

Home remedies for gout

Here are some home remedies to get rid of gout

  • Cherry juice

Cherry juice

Cherry juice or raw cherries work better to prevent gout. It’s a natural remedy for any of diseases. Serving cherry juice or in raw form for a two day period was very effective.

  • Magnesium


Magnesium is a type of dietary mineral which helps in lowering the uric acid level. Taking magnesium supplements after proper consultation decreases the risk of gout.

  • Ginger


Ginger is a very effective remedy for gout disease. It reduces pain related to this condition. The serum of ginger decreases the level of uric acid in your body.

  • Apple cider vinegar, turmeric, and lemon juice mixed in warm water

Apple cider vinegar, turmeric, and lemon juice mixed in warm water

Apple cider vinegar, turmeric, and lemon are individually good for preventing gout. Mixing it together in warm water makes a pleasant beverage. Apple cider vinegar is good for kidneys, lemon and turmeric is good for lowering the uric acid levels.

  • Celery seeds

Celery seeds

Celery is traditionally used to treat urinary issues. Intake of celery seeds reduces the inflammations in the joints.

  • Hibiscus

Hibiscus is a traditional herbal home remedy used for many diseases. Hibisc


us helps in lowering the level of uric acid in a gout sufferers’ body. 

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  • Cold and hot application

Cold and hot treatment

Applying cold or hot in the inflamed area is very effective. Using ice packs or soaking in cold water is recommended. If the inflammation is not too intense, then soaking in hot water is also good. An alternate application of hot and cold on the affected area is helpful.

  • Eating apples

Eating apples

Include apple in your regular diet to reduce gout. Malic acid is the main content of apple which lowers the amount of uric acid in your body.

  • Eating bananas

Eating bananas

Eating bananas are good for getting out of gout. Bananas are rich in potassium which helps the organs of your body to work properly. Eat one banana per day for better results.

  • Epsom salt

Epsom salt

Epsom salt is rich in magnesium which reduces the risk of gout. A bath in Epsom salt is recommended to prevent gout.

Gout is very painful and exhaustive. Try the above natural remedies from your home itself. Watch the patient for 48 hours and if it does not start to improve, consult a doctor and take appropriate medications. I hope you all got the right pieces of information through this article. Do comment on your doubts if any and we will try our best to answer it.

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