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Think And Thin Tapping System Review- Does This Program Overcome Emotional Eating?

This is my in-depth Think and Thin Tapping System review. When I came across this new program for losing weight, I wanted to find out what makes it so unique and if it is worth all the hype.

Think And Thin Tapping System Review- Stop Food Cravings With 6 Powerful Steps!

I have read a lot of Think and Thin Tapping System customer reviews. And just like you, I wanted to find out for myself whether this program is as good as it claims to be. I wanted to check if it really works and if it is effective for different types of users.

Think and Thin Tapping System review

Product Title Think And Thin Tapping System
Language English
Creator Brittany Watkins
Category Weight Loss
Price $
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What is food cravings?

When you yearn for certain foods even when you may not be very hungry, it is considered as a craving. This is an emotional tendency to eat specific foods without considering your appetite.

What causes food cravings?

Food cravings typically stem from the fact that we emotionally associate various foods with positive memories that can soothe us. When we find comfort in foods, we tend to lean towards the same foods all the time. We may not even realize how quickly we finish our favorite foods simply because we feel good when we eat these foods. Our body gets programmed to look for these foods in times of stress or when we want to feel good. And this is how we end up craving specific types of foods.

What is all about Think and Thin Tapping System?

Think and Thin Tapping System is a unique program created by Brittany Watkins that helps you lose weight by reprogramming your mind to transform your eating habits. It is a system where you receive audio lessons along with support in practicing the lessons in real life.

Think and Thin Tapping System review recommends that you will have access to a repertoire of information from the Think and Thin website which includes past lessons and programs which are a part of the system. All the materials available for you are aimed at helping you lose weight without having to go on a fad diet.

Think and Thin Tapping program review

Features of Think and Thin Tapping program

The methods used by Brittany Watkins to overcome food cravings involve a culmination of popular and powerful techniques. These techniques include the Emotional Freedom Techniques, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Shamanic Soul Retrieval, Inner Child Work, and Energy healing Techniques. There are different modules through which the Think and Think Tapping System PDF helps you lose weight. Few are mentioned below in the Think and Thin review

  • Module 1 – Kick your cravings to the curb

This module talks about how the mind associates specific foods with special memories. Consequently, you tend to eat these foods more often to trigger the positive memories they are associated with. The module includes an energy cleaning exercise that helps you reprogram this belief. You will receive bonus materials with this module, which includes videos of secret finger tapping spots, which can help you manage your cravings even when you are in public places. Additional bonuses include a video of the ball of light exercise and an audio file with the morning tapping routine.

  • Module 2 – Supercharge your willpower

With this module, you will learn to outgrow self-limiting beliefs about your weight. At the same time, you will also learn how to maintain your willpower even when you have your favorite foods before you.

  • Module 3 – End Emotional eating

Emotional eating is the biggest concern for many people. The third module of the Think and Thin Tapping program is all about bringing an end to the impulses which force you to resort to emotional eating. The methodologies help you reprogram the neural pathways so that you no longer associate food with emotions. It is said in the Think and Thin Tapping System review that You will receive an audio file that takes you step by step through the ‘push the food away’ technique. In addition to this, you will also receive a bonus video that discusses the reasons why we eat emotionally.

  • Module 4 – Don’t clean your plate

Many of us are in the habit of cleaning our plates because this is what we have been taught to do since childhood. We are forced to finish everything on our food because wastage is not acceptable. Now that we live in an age where foods are getting bigger, this ideology does us more harm than benefit. This module includes the Naturally Thin Eating Plan, which shares a secret eating plan that can keep you naturally thin and helps you overcome the plate cleaning habit.

  • Module 5 – I’m too sexy: Dealing with sexual attention

Emotional eaters may have more than one roadblock, which stops them from losing weight. Some feel that once they lose weight, they may become so good-looking that they are afraid of attracting sexual attention. This hinders their ability to lose weight. But now, you can rewire your mind to leave this thought behind and move on to losing weight.

  • Module 6 – Lettuce wrap it up

In this last section of the Think and Thin Tapping System Brittany Watkins talks about having lettuce for dinner. Imagine how effectively you would have reprogrammed your brain if you could have lettuce for dinner and enjoy it.

Think and Thin Tapping System creator

Brittany Watkins is the brainchild of the Think and Thin Tapping System. Like many other people who find it difficult to overcome food cravings, Brittany Watkins suffered from eating disorders. She struggled with food cravings for more than 17 years. Having tried and tested several weight loss programs, Brittany eventually used an East meets West approach to achieve her weight loss goals. So far mentioned in this Think and Thin Tapping System review, Today, she shares her secrets of reprogramming the brain to overcome food cravings with thousands of users who are a part of the Think and Thin Tapping System community.

Brittany Watkins

Pros and Cons of Think and Thin Tapping book


  • It provides users with a holistic learning approach
  • You will be using tried and tested techniques to control food cravings
  • You will have an entire community to reach out to for support, questions, and inquiries about the system


  • So far, none of the Think and Thin Tapping system reviews have reported any problems or concerns with the system.

How Does Think and Thin Tapping System Work?

Once you join the Think and Thin Tapping System program, you will have access to the 6 modules that help you overcome problems of emotional eating. The system involves learning through the book, through audio lessons and through videos. Additionally, you have access to an entire community of people who are also trying to overcome emotional eating to lose weight.

The system works by reprogramming your mind so that you can easily say no to any food. You will be able to make these transformations permanent so you do not end up returning to old habits after sometime. You stop seeing food as a symbol of love and comfort. This helps you stop the cravings and regain your control over the foods you eat.


Think and Thin Tapping System reviews

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How Will You Learn Think and Thin Tapping System?

Through Think and Thin Tapping, Brittany Watkins aims to provide users with the ability to learn through auditory and visual sources. This is the reason why the system includes PDFs, MP3 files and community support. Many Think and Thin tapping System reviews talk about how the holistic learning approach was helpful for them. I see it as a useful method of learning because people tend to embrace transformations more positively when it happens in a community where others are also undergoing the same experiences.

You will get access to a new audio lesson each week. Some weeks will also include video tutorials and lessons. Think and Thin Tapping review ensures these lessons will help you learn new techniques that are not just to be memorized but to be practiced in your daily routines. You will also have access to coaching sessions and pre-recorded Q&A sessions to help you with answers to common questions in your mind. Additionally, you will have access to an entire community of Think and Thin Tapping program members.

Who is This Think and Thin Tapping System For?

Think and Think Tapping Program works for people who are committed to overcoming emotional eating and their food cravings. It requires you to be open to the transformations brought about when you begin following the program. This will include changing several habits and reprogramming the mind to eliminate the root cause of emotional food cravings.

Think and Thin Tapping System Brittany Watkins

Think and Thin Tapping System Bonuses

  1. Auditory Learning – You will receive transcripts and audio tapping scripts to aid your learning.
  2. Visual Learning – Videos and visual guides help you deepen your learning of the program
  3. Agenda Sheets – Get weekly agenda sheets that will guide you through the program for the week. You can also add your own goals and notes to track progress.
  4. The Naturally Thin Eating Plan – This is a simple guide that helps you enjoy foods like chocolates and burgers without worrying about gaining weight.
  5. Action Sheets – As per Think and Thin Tapping System reviews, these sheets provide a summary of all the lessons for the week and provide you with actionable steps to take.
  6. Bonus Download at Purchase: measure your progress – It is a worksheet which allows you to fill in 300 limiting beliefs. You can fill this sheet once again after completing the program to measure the difference.
  7. Community – You will have access to a strong community of Think and Thin Tapping Program members.
  8. Ongoing Support – Reach out to certified experts through an exclusive private Facebook group. You will also have access to all recorded material available through the member’s portal.
  9. The Echo Tapping Binge Eliminator –Brittany Watkins claims that this technique can stop you from emotional eating within minutes.


After having carefully gone through the concepts and methodologies behind the program for my Think and Thin Tapping system review, I can conclude that it is an effective method of losing weight. It is specifically designed for people who suffer from weight problems because of emotional eating.

Anyone who wants to permanently get rid of the problems of food cravings can use this Think and Thin Tapping pdf for their benefit. The techniques used by Brittany Watkins include a combination of popular techniques like Neuro Linguistic Programming and Emotional Freedom Techniques.

The system also encourages its users to wipe out emotional connections that they may have established with specific foods that they feel addicted to. As a result, users have greater freedom to treat themselves to foods that they are not emotionally connected with. These can even include burgers and pizzas.

This shows that the system breaks the norms of traditional diets, which are typically restrictive and difficult to follow. On the contrary, the Think and Thin Tapping System involves the overall healing of the body and mind to help you dissociate food with your emotions. This ideology makes it a successful system that has helped it garner global attention. I can conclude for my Think and Thin tapping System review that it is a successful way of losing weight if you have a problem with food cravings and emotional eating.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How do I know if the Think and Thin tapping System is for me?

Think and Thin Tapping System book, along with all additional learning resources like audio files and video training is intended for women who find it difficult to control their food cravings. If you are an emotional eater and you are looking for a way to fight the constant compulsion of eating your favorite foods even when you are not hungry, then you will find this program to be helpful.

How soon will I be able to access the program?

You will have access to the program as soon as you complete the payment and join the Think and Thin Tapping System. The program is available in the form of downloadable files. These will be immediately available along with access to the entire website and the community where you can find lots of information about the program and how it works.

Can I talk to someone if I need help with the program?

Yes. You can reach out to certified coaches who typically respond within 24 hours. Alternatively, you can also post questions in the community or in the private Facebook group to know more about the program.

What all is included in the program?

The program includes PDF files, audio files and videos which are aimed towards helping you overcome emotional eating.

What if it does not work for me?

The Think and Thin Tapping System has been tested by several users around the world. Think and Thin Tapping System reviews show that people have benefitted from the program without any side effects. But if you are unable to see any changes then you can reach out to the certified experts to discuss your concerns about the program. They will be able to help you achieve the expected results.

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