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Vert Shock Review – Does Vert Shock Program Helps To Boost Your Hops?

Welcome to my Vert Shock review. There are a lot of explosive strengthening programs available where people can manage to get those strong legs but not necessarily strong enough to enable them to jump extraordinarily high or in another perspective, fly seamlessly in the air for a second.

But recently, a training program became the trend for people who were learning to jump higher than a normal athlete. The name of the program is Vert Shock. It has been successful in allowing people to gain that extra distance up in the air, at least all of the Vert Shock reviews suggest this only.

Vert Shock Review – Is Vert Shock Jump Training Program a Scam?

Vert Shock review

Book Title Vert Shock Review
Language English
Author Adam Folker
Category Jump Training Program
Price $67 (Actual Price $138)
Official Website


Many of us are not gifted with the ability to reach higher with minimal effort. I am not talking about success, what I am referring to is the height. Most of us don’t get that height of 6 feet or above and that makes it hard for us to reach higher than the people who have the gifted height. It is not our mistake that we are short in height. Our small height downplays us at sports events. What can we do about this? In a rational world, we would want to strengthen our legs in a manner where we can do and reach the same height by jumping as would a 6 feet guy would. So trying out the Vert Shock program by Adam Folker isn’t necessarily a bad idea.

Features Of Vert Shock

Vert Shock book is made of several elements and has different features that make it an outstanding product. Some of the features of this program as per Vert Shock review follows:

  • Digital Format: Vert Shock book comes in a digital format. It can also be called Vert Shock e-book. You can access it in any of the devices that are synced with your Vert Shock downloads.
  • 8 Week Module: The book comes with a plan for 8 All of the weeks are bifurcated to meet the main goal of jumping higher at the end of the 8th week.
  • Weekly Support: The creator of the program will get in touch with you at the end of every week. When you purchase the program, it is just the initiation of the unique relationship between you and the plan’s creator.
  • Members Website Access: Once you purchase the program, you will be provided access to the members-only part website of the program where you can interact and gain various perks such as watch training videos and check out the worksheets of workout plans created by the experts.

A Brief About The Creator

You might have probably heard this name before – Adam Folker. If you haven’t, he is the creator of the Vert Shock ebook but has also been a pro athlete himself. He started by playing for NCAA Division 1 Basketball for his university, and a few years down the track found himself sharing the bench with some of the basketball greats of the era. According to the Vert Shock review, He has a height of 6 feet and 4 inches.

That didn’t help him a lot though, he was sitting in the bench only for the most of his early career. It was because he did not possess a lot of explosive strength in his body, which, to be honest, is an honest requirement for any extreme intensity sport such as basketball. He tried a lot, worked on his legs by doing conventional leg exercises such as squats, box jumps, and whatnot.

But nothing seemed to work for him. It was the same thing again and again until the time Adam stumbled upon a Russian training regimen for vertical jumping that he got any positive Vert Shock results to his approach for jumping higher. He understood that the program is working on elastic fibers of the muscles and within 8 weeks, he started seeing results that he wanted. This is why he created the Vert Shock program.

He felt that people similar to him working day in and out to achieve a higher jump should have this program as well. Adam very carefully designed the approach the program would have so that it can suit almost anyone who tries it and also tested it with some of the professional players before launching it for you guys.

Pros and Cons Of Vert Shock

The advantages and disadvantages of this program as per the Vert Shock review are as follows:


  • Easy Website Access: The website that is created for the members is very easy to navigate through. No one should require the help of the support to understand how to access the training videos or the worksheets created by the experts.
  • Quality Content: All the content and videos that are uploaded in the site have clear audio and are full HD so that none of the people who buy it face any kind of difficulties in understanding the lessons.
  • No Misleading: Every tip and set of instructions that the website and the book has will be straight to the point and will be directed towards making you jump higher. There is no misleading content inside the program to fool the customers. The Vert Shock reviews are very clear about the fact that the program is not trying to cheat anyone.
  • No Gym Required: All the exercises that are mentioned in the program are plyometric and does not require any kind of gym or weight resistance tools. You can do it in the comfort of your home, where no one is disturbing you.
  • 8 Weeks Focused: The Vert Shock by Adam Folker is divided into 8 People using it have a clear idea about when they should expect results out of the program so that they can measure whether it has worked the way it promised or not.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: If you feel like the product is not working for you and feel that the company has cheated you by taking your money and providing false promises, you can very conveniently ask for a complete refund. Your subscription to the website will be canceled after that, but you will get your full money back.


  • Injury Prone people should stay away: If you can’t handle a high-intensity workout program, then it is ideal that you stay away from the Vert Shock program since the intensity of it is very high and just keeps on increasing every week. Though the program also has a Vert Shock dynamic warm-up routine, it is probably best that you see a program more suited for your body.
  • Not A Lot Of Theory: The program is very practical It doesn’t cover the fundamentals or science behind the program. So there is not a lot of understanding about the program works to make your jumping skills better.

 Main Advantages Of Vert Shock

As per the Vert Shock reviews, few of the main advantages for purchasing the plan are mentioned below:

  • Focused on results: The program is very result-oriented. It will not ask you to do anything in the process of the 8 weeks training, which is not required as to why you have purchased the program.
  • Tested by professionals: To become better at a skill, even professional athletes have to keep on changing their workout schedule. Many of the professional athletes have tested the product and are happy with the way it has brought results for them, so you can be assured that it is going to bring good results for you as well.
  • Completely Changed Leg Strength: By the end of the 8th week, not only will you have strong legs for jumping higher, but you will have legs that will be able to generate more speed while running or sprinting. Swimmers can use the program as well since a lot of swimming is done through core and legs.

Why Vert Shock Useful?

Very Shock results have been phenomenal. The program has a solid understanding of what it requires to jump vertically higher. Many of the people who have used it have reported that they are comparatively jumping a lot higher than they used to before trying out the program and in addition to this, have much better endurance in their muscles to keep going for a considerable amount of time.

Vert Shock by Adam Folker is just the program for people who want to be better athletes or jump higher in general. Also, the fact that the whole program is not very long and only for 8 weeks makes it a substantially intriguing program for people to try.

Vert Shock results

Is Vert Shock A scam

It will be acting obnoxious if one was to say about Vert Shock scam. After going through all of the potential Vert Shock reviews, it is very safe to say it isn’t a scam. The programs mentioned in the 8-week plan are very effective and result-oriented. All of the Vert Shock reviews tell the same.

Vert Shock User Reviews

Some Vert Shock user reviews are mentioned below;

“From Evanda Tusitala

Hey Adam, the program is working fine. My standing vertical jump has reached to 19 inches and trying the same on the second day allowed me to jump up to 23 inches. Thanks for checking in, can’t wait to get back to work tomorrow.”

This Vert Shock review goes on to tell us that the product is very effective with its working.

Vert Shock Bonuses

When you purchase the plan, you will be provided with some of the extra books and plans in the form of bonuses. This offer is only for a limited period according to Vert Shock review. In numbers, you will get a total of 10 bonus programs to work through if you purchase the Vert Shock pdf today. The Bonuses are as explained below;

  • The Vertical Jump Killers which is worth $ 17.
  • Jumpers Diet Checklist which is worth $ 19.
  • 5 Dirty Secrets To Jumping Higher which is worth $ 29.
  • The Instant Inches Formula: NBA Jump Secrets Revealed which is worth $ 59.
  • Olympic High Jump Hacks Revealed which is worth $ 25.
  • The Power Leak Fix for Overnight Hops and it is also worth $ 25.
  • The Vert Shock Maintenance Program which costs $ 39.
  • The slingshot secret is worth $ 25.
  • Vert Tracker workbook which is worth $ 17.
  • The ‘Dunk Now’ visualization workout which is worth $ 26.

So by purchasing the Vert Shock by Adam Folker, you will be additionally provided with bonuses worth $ 281. It is a sensational deal for becoming a better and stronger athlete.

Vert Shock reviews


Vert Shock by Adam Folker is arguable one of the most solid training programs for building up elasticity and explosive strength in our legs. If you can’t seem to jump higher, then it is probably a good idea for you to purchase this program. Vert Shock reviews suggest that the book that is provided along with the website makes a huge difference for when you can’t get internet or a stable data connection to run through the videos online.

There is a catch to it though; it won’t work for you if you don’t work the way you are instructed to. This is common sense stuff, to get the results you have to put in the work. The program is as good as the person who is using it. So if you follow it with discipline, Vert Shock will enable you to leap much higher in the air than you used to.

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