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What Are The Signs Of Excessive Sleepiness?

Sleep is a space where we are in our subconscious state of mind,  a fully immersed parallel world. This implies to keep our brain taking utmost rest after being active for more hours. A human body does a lot of activities that need rest. One must sleep at least 7-8 hours a day to keep themselves healthy and stay alert. Sleeping excess or deficit is considered unhealthy. This will lead to a depression-related sleep disorder that could turn out dangerous for further health betterment.

What Are The Signs Of Excessive Sleepiness?

Excessive Sleepiness occurs when a person has extreme fatigue or tiredness that puts his mind sedated and all he wants to do is dive into the bed and get melted in sleep. Sometimes it happens that the person feels very low on energy that will have an adverse effect on daily life, work, studies, and also may ruin a relationship.

To understand the cause of excessive sleepiness, you need to know what the cause is. It is a symptom of another problem and a condition that stops you from getting a night of quality sleep. Sleeping during daytime is a common symptom along with snoring and kicking.

The Signs Of Excessive Sleepiness

Signs of Excessive Sleepiness

Excessive sleepiness is a sign or a symptom that begins when enough sleep is not available for an individual due to underlying health or other personal issues.

People who experience excessive sleepiness may notice the following:

  • Fatigue: This is one of the most common signs of excessive sleepiness caused by physical or mental pressure or illness
  • Brain fog: A condition where the brain does not accept sharp memory power along with an inability to focus. You will not be able to act like who you are or think like you usually think.
  • Less focused: This means that you will not be able to concentrate thoroughly and working systematic or doing things actively will be out of your box.
  • Feeling woozy: A state of being weak where you lose the capacity to think faster and smoother.
  • Sluggishness: A condition where reacting to things will slow down and the time taken to respond will be delayed.

Excessive sleepiness may also put you in other difficult situations.

  • Waking up from sleep and getting out of bed becomes very hard
  • Low motivation to do things fast will be common
  • Taking naps frequently during day time
  • Fallings asleep while eating, at work or while driving is a serious problem to be considered
  • A lapse in attending and following things in general
  • Appetite regularly
  • Remembering events happened in life will be difficult whether it is in the past or the present day
  • Concentrating on a particular thing, suppose it is about the class or a speech, you will have no idea about what was told
  • Irritable for everything around you
  • Performance downfall at work or school activities

Fixing it

A specific sleep treatment depends on how the cause has affected a patient considering the dept of the condition. Sleep disorder includes oversleeping or under-sleeping that occurs due to work pressure, family problems, financial problems, or increased tension. For sleeplessness, doctors prescribe sleeping pills of high and low dosage. As always, high dosage pills are not recommended for regular consumption in order to avoid other health risks. A normal dosage is recommended.

Before considering to take pills and spoil your health, try to fix your problem through natural methods. First of all, keep your body busy, do workouts, and help yourself burn fat and too much workout will naturally put your body to sleep. Thus a regular exercise will help you get a good night’s sleep. This is not a treatment recommended but one natural way you can try to fix your sleep problems.

However, lifestyle changes can  help people solve all their sleep-related health problems by :

  • Eating a balanced diet that proves to be healthy and contains only natural ingredients
  • Limiting or completely avoiding caffeine intake  and use of alcohol will give you an improved sleep
  • Doing proper exercising regularly
  • creating an environment that is peaceful and relaxing  in nature
  • taking a warm shower before bedtime will calm yourself down and help you sleep well
  • keep a strict sleep timetable where you get up early and sleep early. Better to avoid late-night parties and gaming till morning.


Experiencing excessive sleepiness is natural for someone who never got to sleep well. But if this persists, it would be the beginning of a sleep disorder or any other health condition. People going through such regular tremors should be consulting a specialist doctor and get diagnosed. And if the hidden health condition is revealed, then treating the cause will improve the sleep quality that reduces the risk of other complications. It is suggested that following a simple lifestyle will help in improving the sleep quality of an individual.

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