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Why Do You Need To Sleep? How Much Sleep Did You Need?

Sleep is mandatory if we need our brains to take rest from activities that we are deliberately involved in. Sleeping is very essential along with eating good food that keeps us in a healthy diet flow. Even workouts are very needful. But a lot of factors keep us struggling and we pull out of these good traits to be intact.

Why Do You Need To Sleep? How Much Sleep Did You Need?

A rise in technology, especially the revolution of smartphones and gaming platforms, precisely PUBG, the sleep quality percentage has gone down and they have spoiled and been spoiling the health of the younger generation precisely. Without sleep, our body will not perform the valuable functions for our body to be stable.

We will discuss today why sleep is important and how much is the minimum sleep needed for an individual to rest.

how much sleep do you need

Importance of Sleep

  • Reduced sleep quality will make you a weight gainer

It was a research fact that people sleeping fewer hours tend to be thicker and heavier than those people who get the required amount of sleep. Sleeping lesser hours will increase the risk of obesity.

So, to lose weight, getting enough sleep is a must. To keep the hormones balanced, we must motivate ourselves to start doing exercises.

  • Bad sleepers eat more calories

It has been revealed that individuals dealing with sleep deprivation problems have a bigger appetite and are pushed to eat more calories. This deprived sleep problem undergoes irregularity in the hormones responsible for appetite balancing and causes a really bad appetite discomfort. Thus the hormone that stimulates appetite is said to be at a higher level and the hormones that suppress appetite are at a lower level. Poor sleep will always harm appetite-regulating hormones.

  • Be productive and focused with a quality sleep

Sleep is very important for the brain to work well. Whether cognitive ability, performance, being productive, or alertness, the brain is the responsible receptor of messages from other parts of the body. Sleep loss will have an adverse effect on the brain, so we need to take the utmost care by sleeping the minimum sleep a human is recommended to sleep.

  • Good sleep reduces blood pressure and stress

A surge in stress occurs mainly due to the lifestyle we live in with late-night parties and the sleeplessness that has gone through. This will increase the stress hormones in our body. Regular and deep sleep can help us with solving this issue. Similarly, low sleep will put us in danger through increased blood pressure. This will lead to heart attacks and strokes. Sleep and sleep, to keep your mind relaxed and fresh. Your blood pressure will be normal and there is nothing to worry about then.

  • Stay calm with good sleep

You will not be in an attack mode or will not have a temper that is out of control. You will be calm and controlled. Your grumpy nature will leave you after you have a good quality of sleep.

  • Diabetes will lower down

Your body will process glucose differently when you are not sleeping enough. This will lead to an increase in the diabetes level. So, good quality sleep is essential to keep the sugar level at a minimum.

  • Pain from an injury

Sleep well and deep, if you have an injury and if you cannot suffer the pain. Studies revealed that sleeping will lower the pain and reduce any inflammation inside your body.

The Amount of Sleep Recommended

The amount of sleep needed for every age group will be different. Let us discuss the minimum sleep required for human beings of every age group.

  • An infant whose age is between 0 and 3 months need to sleep 14- 17 hours each day to stay healthy.
  • Infants who are in their 4 to 11 months must sleep between 12 and 15 hours every day.
  • Toddlers aged 1-2 years need to sleep between 11 and 14 hours every day.
  • Pre-school children who are aged between 3 and 5 years have to sleep 10 to 13 hours daily.
  • School going children aged between 6 and 13 must sleep around 9 to 11 hours daily.
  • Teens aged 14 to 17 need 8 to 10 hours every day
  • Adults must sleep 7 hours minimum to stay healthy and calm. They should not be sleeping more than 9 hours. Some will need 6 or 10 hours at least depending upon their health
  • Elderlies who are above 65 years need to sleep 7-8 hours daily
  • Pregnant women must sleep more hours than usual

Despite these recommendations and limitations, if you are feeling drowsy and have no way to control sleep and are in the middle of some boring activities or events, sleep is the only choice to keep your mind active. Sleep for a short time and wake up being a new you, an active you.

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