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You Should Sleep More Than Eight Hours A Night. Why?

For the human body, the best way to keep it rested is when one sleeps. As per the medical science, one needs to have a sound sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours. It proves helpful to the body in many ways.

You Should Sleep More Than Eight Hours A Night. Why?

There are many advantages of sleeping for seven to eight hours, and if one does not go for such sleep, there are ample disadvantages also. The organs of the body keep on working while one is awake. With sleep, the body organs can also have rest. Hence they can work effectively when they need to know why one should sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours, there are some points that one needs to go through.

You should Sleep more than eight hours a night.

Advantages of enough sleep

  • Helps to have better digestion: Sound sleep has a direct impact on the GI tract. This track is responsible for digestion. The secretion of enzymes leads to proper digestion, but that is possible only when one sleeps. If one does not have a good sleep for seven to eight hours, this system does not get a chance to work well, and as a result, one has to face problems such as constipation, diarrhea, acidity, and vomiting sensation as gastric troubles. These all issues one can avoid naturally by having slept for sufficient time. Sufficient sleep also helps to have a proper level of hormones and avoid all those disorders which occur due to hormonal imbalance.
  • Improves immunity: Enough sleep can help the body to release required hormones, which leads to hormonal balance. Hence the immunity of the individual also enhances. This leads to having faster healing of wounds and better counter to various infections. Those who do not get enough sleep may have to face various infections frequently, and hence the life gets disturbed. One cannot sustain the change of season and fall ill, which leads to poor immunity again. To enhance it naturally, the most useful option is to have a sound sleep of a few hours.
  • Improves memory: Poor sleep can easily affect the capacity of the brain. The neurons don’t get sufficient time to revive, and hence over a period, one has to suffer from poor memory. The neuron cells can be replaced only during sleep when the brain rests. Not only that, if one does not get sufficient sleep for a long period, but he may also have an adverse effect on the brain and various functions, including motor movement. To avoid such a situation, one needs to sleep for enough hours and with better quality.
  • Controls blood pressure: It may seem a little weird, but quality sleep can also help one to have blood pressure in the limit. During sleep hours, the body is fully at rest, and hence one does not think anything. One does not work also, and hence the heart does not need to take rest. Hence blood pressure remains stable, and one does not have to worry about its fluctuation. The stability of blood pressure again has several health benefits. Usually, one has to go for medicines to keep the same in control, but sound sleep can wonderfully control it and help one to stay fit.
  • Helps to manage diabetes: The level of insulin and body sugar has inverse relation. The moment one sleeps, he can have better insulin production, which can lead to control of blood sugar. Diabetes can increase if one is much stressed, which probability is completely removed when one falls asleep. However, here one must not forget to follow his guidelines and go for exercise as only sleep cannot control diabetes. Proper sleep for seven to eight hours can surely have a magical effect on it, and one can control it naturally.
  • Improves longevity: Longevity of an individual depends on various factors. Medical conditions, as well as stamina and quality food with good sleep, can lead to having body functions regularly. All these factors together can lead the body to manage functions well and contribute to a better life span. The motor movement, muscle mass, and other functions of internal organs can be regularized with sound sleep. The body functions can also be effectively monitored if the rest of the factors, such as diabetes, blood pressure, and others are under control, and hormones are balanced.
  • Keeps away from stress: Quality sleep helps one to have mental relief. The moment one falls asleep, the thought process is stopped, and hence one can easily get good relief from stress also. In many cases, when one has to face more stress, doctors prescribe sedatives to have one sleep and avoid stress. Natural sleep can be a good healer in case of stress, and hence one must go for sound sleep of around 8 hours a day.

The points mentioned above prove that if one wants to live a better life, the best way is to have enough sleep. Insufficient sleep proves as an invitation to many health disorders.

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